A EPIC BRIGHT STARS Perspective on Education

“Building and Educating Young Intellectual Minds to a Brighter Future”

How children learn:

At EPIC BRIGHT STARS we meet children where they are developmentally. We believe that children learn best when we build on their individual strengths.

The purpose of education:

Early education is an opportunity to nurture children’s curiosity and inquisitiveness, develop problem-solvers and decision-makers, and prepare children with the academic foundation to achieve success in school and in life.

The role of the teacher:

Our teachers actively engage children through intentional teaching practices that guide each child’s social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development, creating a joyful classroom environment that fosters cooperation and a sense of community.

We do all this with respect for each child and in full partnership with families.

The areas we focus on are SCIENCE, MUSIC, ART, READING and Math

Arts and Crafts

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Math Math